Newsletter October 2016

From the Office

Well I am waiting for it to warm up and then I am reminded that it was snowing this time 4 years ago in Goulburn. So I guess all I have it isn’t snowing here.

We have been so busy spending time with the children, I am so fortunate that I get to spend time with each room and feel I get to know each child well and for me that is so rewarding.

The Educators have undertaken some training one of our training was and mindfulness and the importance of creating a presence with the children rather than being present. This provoked lots of conversations about why we do what we do. We want each moment spent with a child to be special not only for the child but also for the educator and we want to build on our passion of quality care for young children.

The second training was more challenging as we talked about destructive and constructive. We were shown the importance of being respectful in all conversations we have even the difficult ones.

This month we farewell Nicole from the Toddler Room, everyone hopes that Nicole enjoys the next adventure.

It does mean we are looking for a suitable candidate to work in our toddler room. At WECC will are hoping that the person will already have a Certificate 111 in childcare or have a Diploma.

Meanwhile I have been super busy I was fortunate enough to travel to Darwin for the Early Childhood Australia Conference; firstly I would like to say that the weather was wonderful and I came back so inspired and excited to hear about some different approaches. Conversation have already been share with interested educators and of course there are more conversations to be had with others.

The key note speakers were simply motivating and very thought provoking. I also went to Gosford for training in Nature Pedagogy with Claire Warden from Scotland. Jess from the Nursery along with Alix from Pre School also attended as well. This has been a six days (in total) training with a balance of theory and practical training. Our goal is to get even more from the natural environments around the Centre.

I plan to follow this training up with some training for all educators around the value of nature play.

I am as away next week for a few days to do some leadership training with Rod Soper from Thinkers Ink. This is an annual conference for two days with other community based directors. These leadership conference offer a different slant on leadership and challenges each of us to think about the way we lead and where to from here.

I am also presenting at a conference in Canberra on Saturday 29 October. Toni and Robin Christie have asked Lisa Syrette from the AIS caretaker’s cottage and myself to present about the changes our services have made over the past few years. Lisa’s presentation will be Key teaching/how it’s working at Caretakers cottage while mind will be around Adapting ideas to the context in ACT.

We also have on Annual General Meeting to be held on Tuesday next week. We will be discussing fees in the meeting prior to the AGM. Please come if you can it is great to touch base with other families in the service and if possible consider being a member of our committee. We meet monthly and our meeting usually only take 1.5 hours, we share a light supper and care is offered if needed. Our meetings start at 6.15 pm.

Then of course we had our Working Bee, this is the second working bee for the year. There was one held in May this year.

Thank you

A huge thank you to the families who turn up on Sunday to do a working bee for the Centre.

Everything looks fresh and beautiful again.

We had 11 families attending to help out. It is greatly appreciated.

Just a few reminders:

* You must sign your child in and out each day that they are enrolled in care. If your child doesn’t attend you are still required to sign to say they were absent. You are require to do this on two counts – one if you receive either CCB or CCR, secondly if we have an sort of emergency within the Centre we need to know how many children are present at any given time. We also appreciate it when families ring to let us know when their child/children are unwell. We are required to keep track of what illnesses are happening within the Centre. This helps us know when we have an outbreak or if one room has several children with the same illnesses.

* We ask if you wash your child’s hands in the morning before they start playing, this is so that we reduce the risk of spreading germs to other children. It is important that it happen when the child arrives as it washes off anything they may have picked up at home or in the car.

* We also ask you to sunscreen your child on arrival so that they are ready to go outside and they have protection for the morning. We sunscreen each child after their sleep and also if we are out for extended periods of time.

* Please note that it is very important that your child does not bring nuts to the Centre as we have child who have life threating allergies to nuts, we also have a child who is allergic to Sesame seeds.

Thank you to those families who have already responded to our email about portfolios we appreciate it.

And lastly we want to embed a knowledge of Aboriginal culture, its people and their history within our service and want to do it in an authentic way. Lots of aboriginal stories talk about death and becoming something after death. We see that some of these stories as provoking and may promote children asking questions. We would appreciate your thoughts on this. It is very hard to find aboriginal stories that don’t talk about people changing into spirits but don’t want to miss an opportunity to share Aboriginal culture. These stories will make up just a small part of what we will share with the children. These stories at this stage will be shared with the older children rather than the younger children. If you have any ideas, know someone who is aboriginal or has implemented an aboriginal culture program please let me know.


Bright blessings Reesha