Fee Information

Fee Information

Our daily rate is $125 and for families using full-time care we offer a discount rate of $562.50 per week.

Our fees include:
- 3 nutritious meals a day (morning tea, a hot lunch and afternoon tea)
- We provide wipes, sheets and sun cream
- Additional educators in each room
- Art program
- Mandarin program
- Sustainability program
- Gardening – sow, reap, eat program
- Indoors/Outdoors and Beyond the Gate
- Excursions

Fees are set by the Management Committee of parents and are payable for all times your child is booked for care, including public holidays. The Centre is closed for two weeks over the Christmas - New Year period (fees are not applicable for this period). At all other times fees are payable. Subsidised fees are available. Please contact the Family Assistance Office for information about eligibility for subsidised fees.

Transitioning to the new Child Care Subsidy

From 2 July 2018, one new Child Care Subsidy will replace the two current child care payments.

This transition cannot happen automatically.

To transition, you will need to complete an online Child Care Subsidy assessment using your Centrelink online account through myGov. You should do this as soon as possible.

You will be asked to provide some new information and confirm your current details, including:

  1. Combined family income
  2. Activity level of parents
  3. Type of child care service

If families do not complete their assessment before 2 July 2018, they may not receive any child care fee assistance.

Child Care Subsidy

The Package includes a new Child Care Subsidy, which replaces the current Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate. The Child Care Subsidy will be paid directly to services.

There are also changes to the annual cap which will make child care more affordable for most families.

Three things will determine a family’s level of Child Care Subsidy:

  • A family’s annual adjusted taxable income will determine the percentage of subsidy they are eligible for
  • An activity test will determine how many hours of subsidised care families can access, up to a maximum of 100 per fortnight, and
  • The type of child care service will determine the hourly rate cap.

Some basic requirements must be satisfied for an individual to be eligible to receive Child Care Subsidy for a child. These include:

  • the age of the child (must be 13 or under and not attending secondary school)
  • the child meeting immunisation requirements
  • the individual, or their partner, meeting the residency requirements.

Information courtesy of https://www.education.gov.au/ChildCarePackage 

 Further information can be obtained by contacting the Family Assistance Office on 13 6150.