All children have the opportunity to attend excursions that are directly related to and part of the curriculum or a topic the children show a strong interest in. We see this as an opportunity to be seen by members of the community, to engage in and be a part of it. Families are strongly encouraged and are welcome to join their children on excursions whenever possible.

Some of the wonderful excursion WECC has undertaken in the past have included a tour of Woolworths, National Gallery, Bunnings, Woden Library, Op Shop for the children to buy books, the local shops to share a treat for morning tea and the Bus Wash.  Another excursion that is a regular occurrence for all rooms (weather permitting) is to walk to Eddison Park.  The children can play in the park and see all the wonderful wildlife that lives in our beautiful Woden community

.Incursions are related to and part of the curriculum, a topic the children show an interest in or based around children’s safety and wellbeing. We see this as an opportunity to let members of the community be a part of our Centre. Our incursions have included The Jeral Puppet Show, Brush dental hygienist with the Tooth Fairy, Reptile Man, Kenny Koala, Duncan Smith!  The Early Years Learning Framework recommends excursions and incursions for children aged 1-5 years of age to assist with the five learning outcomes needed for holistic education.