Our Centre is actively involved in caring for our environment and promotes sustainable practices through educating and working with the children, families and the community. We think this is an important value to embed within our service as we would like to contribute to a sustainable future.
To this end we have several garden beds that the Pre School children care for throughout the year. This begins with an excursion to Bunnings to purchase seasonal vegetables and plants. Then there is the planting of those veggies and plants, the daily watering from our rain water tank, then harvesting. This is when our hard work pays off and we get to enjoy the fruits of our labour.
To ensure our garden beds provide us with healthy and nutritious fruit and vegetable we have two large compost bins that provide compost to enrich the soil. We use the scraps from the kitchen on a daily basis. We also have a worm farm. We provide scraps for the worms and they provide us with their castings and worm wee, both we use in the garden beds and potted plants.
We have chickens that provide a focal point for our sustainable practices. The chickens eat the food scraps from the children’s meals and in turn they produce eggs.